Welcome to my site where I am sharing all my prophetic visions, dreams and words I hear from God. I even have decided to share my past struggles that I documented to get to this point from a diary. God has activated my gifts at his will and  I now know he has shown me I am a prophetic dreamer for him.  I did not always believe in prophesy or supernatural, but it came so consistently and God has confirmed many things he is showing me are from him.  Before I came to have consistent prophetic dreams, Jesus took me on a journey of teaching me and retraining my mind from everything I had learned in my past about religion and introduced me into the supernatural world.  This was not an easy process and took several years in the wilderness. You can read my early entries to see how all this unfolds. He even taught me how Jesus is God(1 Timothy 3:16), which was very hard for me to believe for so long, but he was persistent in his teachings to reveal who he really was. Now, I see why he was so persistent and everything in the past is all coming together finally to make sense!

 I actually started having a few scriptural dream visions when I was in elementary school before I even knew scriptures, and the ones from God I have never forgot. I always knew God was with me even at an early age, and had the deep knowing inside me I had a calling.  God was always on my mind and have heard his small voice a few times in my younger years even. Now I see some of my early dreams were prophecies even for my future.   These dreams are increasing more and more since I have learned and been baptized by holy spirit and heard Jesus’ audible voice.  I also have felt his annointing hands over my head a few times and def feel into the supernatural world now. I have discovered supernatural things do exist today and spiritual battles are very real behind the scenes. 

About my post: I get almost daily messages from the Lord that I share.  I try to get them in everyday, but sometimes life happens.  God reveals things primarily to me in flashes of images, symbols, words formed, words spoken, or open/closed visions.  Some of these visions I feel I am there with Jesus and realistic. I love those! I also get words sometimes that the holy spirit tells me are from him and will repeat several times in a day or over a few days.  He desires to speak to his people! Another thing God is revealing is my future husband to me and I see a pattern and series he has created, but he won’t uncover all the clues just yet. God is so creative and I love to see what he has planned for the next day! Never put God in a box for the Lord works in mysterious ways! My ability to interpret dreams seems to have increased as well with the gift.  Some of these relate to my personal life and I know their meanings even if I don’t always make it known.  Simple words or numbers or visions, they are coming true for my life.  God is consistently confirming his gift to me personally also, but he also speaks to others too through them and is showing how real he is and what he does for his children.  If you pay attention to each post you will see he does patterns sometimes, and he likes to do “new things”  Do you not perceive it? I feel now it’s time to give God glory and reveal what he is trying to say. 

Jesus is my love and King….Kim (His Bride)

1 John 2:27 But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.